Chief Inspector

TJ Inspection’s Chief Inspector reports directly to the Project Manager. The Chief Inspector's duties and responsibilities are to Review Construction Documents, Specifications, Drawings, Landowner Restrictions, Environmental Permits and Safety Plans and ensure that they are followed.

The Chief Inspector coordinates with the Field Construction Manager, Contractor Superintendent, Inspection Staff, ROW Agents and Safety Inspectors to ensure the completion of the project. The Chief Inspector prepares and submits daily reports to the Field Construction Manager. The Chief Inspector ensures that Inspection Staff are following all specifications including having the correct tools and understanding the role expectations.

The Chief Inspector also Assists the Field Construction Manager in processing Contractor invoices, changing orders and claims and verifying and monitoring the Contractor has the necessary authorizations prior to moving forward with extra hours worked. This role also works closely with the Field Construction Manager and ROW Agents to resolve Landowner issues and conduct field assessments of inspection staff; as well as report findings to the Construction Manager and coordinate welder qualification with contractors.

Assistant Chief

The Assistant Chief Inspector reports to the Chief Inspector and in the event of the Chief Inspector's absence, the Assistant Chief Inspector will report to the Project Manager. The Assistant Chief Inspector's duties and responsibilities require that he or she be both knowledgeable and experienced in all phases of construction and inspection. The Assistant Chief's main responsibility is to assist the Chief Inspector in his or her duties and/or replace the Chief Inspector during the event of his or her absence.