TJ Inspection, Inc. understands and respects the importance of the landowner and cultivates these relationships while representing our clients.

In the oil and gas inspection market, we manage successful pipeline, plant, and facility projects on behalf of our clients. TJ Inspection provides the industry’s most experienced, trained, and expert inspectors. We set ourselves apart with professionalism, trust, commitment, and passion for the partnerships we build.

“TJ Inspection supports the oil and gas industry by achieving excellence through our people.”
-Tricia Junghanns

Safety & Environmental

TJ Inspection, Inc. is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of standards in our operations and continually improving our practices to prevent environmental health and safety risks. We strive to provide a safe and healthy work environment for our employees and clients.

TJ Inspection emphasizes safety through the practices of the client’s safety policies and procedures, as well as TJ Inspection’s corporate safety policies and procedures that require and include daily on-site safety meetings, weekly burn ban updates for all occupied areas, monthly safety awareness topics.

Our employee’s safety and health are of primary importance to TJ Inspection. It is our responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment. We are committed to creating a safety culture in which all of our employees feel they have an obligation, not only to themselves, but also to fellow employees, to familiarize themselves with the safety practices that apply to their work. TJ Inspection is committed to effective management of Health, Safety, Security, and Environmental (HSSE) issues, including responsible stewardship of the environment and natural resources. This commitment is demonstrated through the day-to-day core company values on safety and protection of the environment.


TJ Inspection, Inc. complies with all appropriate safety and security laws, federal and state guidelines, regulations and requirements of the following:

• Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
• Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
• Department of Transportation (DOT)
• All State Regulatory Commissions
• American Petroleum Institute (API 1104)
• ISNet World
• Client Required Operator Qualifications
• National Compliance Management Services DOT Department
• Pipeline Accident Prevention Services (PAPS)
• Client Scope and Welding Procedures


TJ Inspection, Inc. believes that in order to create and sustain a successful business, we must regulate and maintain a strong quality control system through the implementation of the following: daily reports, on-site evaluations, director and supervisor support, and constant client communication.

TJ Inspection has full-time, in-house field managers that work with the field inspectors, giving knowledgeable support and being available to arrive on site to assist in crisis management and problem solve with the client. Our field managers have been vital to our success through being involved with the client expectations and helping to enforce their rules and regulations.

Customer Service

TJ Inspection, Inc. prides itself on managing our processes in order to reduce cost. We train our inspectors to be diversified in order to maximize efficiency.

We provide the most advanced technology and support available. We encourage the inspector to utilize the abundance of resources provided by the corporate office. Being an accredidated Training Center, both mobile and facility, we are able to customize services to better provide for the client.

Cost Efficiency

TJ Inspection, Inc.'s customer service starts with the client’s needs. We work with our clients closely to know and understand the direction and goals they have set for the future.

We utilize the support of the TJ Inspection Training Center to customize curriculum in order to ensure communication from TJ management to the field and client. Our field managers have constant communication with both the client and the inspector to ensure updates and changes within the client scope are relayed and successfully implemented.

We have developed detailed inspection classes, multiple mobile training units and the ability to train in-house. Classes are customized for beginners to seasoned inspectors. This allows for continued growth and development.

TJ Inspection offers a complete list of inspection services with the ability to customize our special services to better serve the client’s needs.Our goal is to develop well-rounded, professional inspectors to support our clients and provide proficient customer service.