Training Center

Training Center

TJ Inspection has an in-house training program designed to support the TJ Inspector. We allow for continual education through our Professional Development Series. TJ provides up-to-date training for all aspects of the industry, resulting in certifications that allow TJ to provide a well-rounded Inspection Team to service our clients and their needs.


TJ Training Center offers a wide range of providers for Operator Qualifications. We offer computer and web-based training as well as a traditional instructor led classroom setting. Our highly skilled and certified trainers offer years of industry and classroom experience. TJ Training Center is an accredited facility that offers Operator Qualifications from the following organizations:

  • Energy World Net
  • Industrial Training Services (ITS)
  • Veriforce


TJ Training Center offers a wide variety of client specific trainings. We partner with our clients to develop cutting edge, learner centered, and engaging curriculum that will meet our client’s training needs. We are also able to assist our clients with overflow training by utilizing their current curriculum to train their employees. TJ Training Center has highly trained, industry certified trainers that can provide in person or virtual trainings through the use of our Learning Management System. TJ Training Center prides itself with offering highly vetted, up-to-date, industry proven curriculum in all our training areas.


TJ Inspection offers a variety of courses based specifically on the inspection of pipeline welding. While some classes and certifications provide education regarding welding in general, we saw the need to develop curriculum specific to the pipeline industry. Through our welding inspection program, candidates start by learning the fundamental principles of pipeline welding equipment, consumables, and terminology.

Following the fundamental program, students learn to navigate and interpret the most common codes and standards, implementing the concepts learned in the fundamental course. After they are familiar with this content, we teach our students how to identify defects and discontinuities in welds, select and utilize the correct inspection tool to measure the indication, as well as determine if it is acceptable or rejectable according to the code or standard being upheld. Our experience has shown that even the most experienced inspectors have something to learn from the courses we have developed.


Poly pipe is quickly becoming one of the most widely used materials for underground utilities. From ½” to 36” and beyond, we have a team of expert trainers that can enhance both knowledge and hands on experience with poly pipe. Whether it is training on the various fusions processes themselves or the inspection process to ensure quality fusions are being made, we have training capable to enhance any program. Our trainers have been McElroy and M.T. Deason certified and come with vast field experience from working in the industry to suit the needs of our clients.


TJ Training Center has the ability to certify personnel for Clock Spring composite sleeve installation. For integrity personnel that need expert taught, hands-on training, and completion of the written assessment, our staff is able to accommodate those needs. The one-day training can be done at our facility or mobile.