Documentation is a critical aspect of this industry and TJ Inspection has developed and implemented several process to ensure a quality product is turned into the client. TJ Inspection collects and audits documentation in real-time to ensure at the end of the project all documentation is complete and correct, as well as offering a variety of services to meet the standards of the client.


Real-Time Auditing is a concept that TJ Inspection started developing in 2015. We wanted to ensure that all documentation was collected, catalogued, and audited daily.

Since the inception it has evolved into a process that is utilized company-wide on all projects to help not only expedite the audit process, but also to verify all pertinent records are being captured. This process helps track construction progress throughout the duration of the project.

Our Real-Time Auditing team and program verifies that each inspector is gathering the necessary information required by clients and regulatory agencies. Through collaboration with our Real-Time Auditing team and field personnel we ensure that project documentation is audited, accurate, and updated daily.


At TJ Inspection each project is reviewed for completeness and accuracy prior to final submission to our clients. Through this process we ensure that all client standards as well as all local, state, and federal regulations are met.

Upon completion of the audit process, records are submitted to the client both physically and digitally. We provide multiple means of data retention to accommodate our clients needs ensuring a safety net in event that records are lost or misplaced.


TJ Inspection provides auditing services for your DOT, PHMSA, or state regulatory agency compliant projects. Our auditors are highly trained and experienced with the documentation necessary to be in compliance with these government agencies. We provide our clients the peace of mind that their records meet the requirements set forth by these governing bodies.



When it comes to documentation and records, no company or client is the same. We partner with our clients to provide documentation that meets the requirements of their record departments, as well as any agency that their work may be governed by. We provide experienced auditors that specialize in auditing the documentation that is specific to each client or company.